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Ebola Information and Resources
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    The New York Giants are briefing their players on the Ebola virus in advance of the team’s trip to Dallas for Sunday’s game against the Cowboys. Giants team medical personnel were briefed on the disease and then provided information to the players via email this week, with instructions to contact team medical personnel with any […]

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    Ebola Virus Disease is a serious, normally deadly ailment, with its death rate above 90%. The disease afflicts humans as well as animals like primates and a certain species of bats. In the current crisis that has enfolded West Africa; substantial cases have been traced to human-to-human transference. Infections are ascribable to direct handling via […]

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  • 11/13/14--21:58: How is Ebola transmitted?
  • Unlike the common ailments that afflict human beings like flu or measles, Ebola’s transmission does not occur through the air. The disease is transferred if there is direct contact with various bodily fluids of an infected patient. Direct contact denotes fluids touching eyes, wounds, cut, opened skin or mouth, the disease is neither airborne nor […]

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    Since the WHO declared an international crises caused by Ebola Virus Disease, governments have embarked on measures to preempt the contagiousness of the epidemic. The goal is to ensure that the world is not decimated by this deadly disease. The patients have been secluded in Europe and substantially in Africa for monitoring symptoms of the […]

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  • 11/13/14--22:04: Ebola FAQs
  • When is immediate medical intervention critical? In case one has traveled from Ebola virus hit hotspots or touched a patient who exhibited symptoms of Ebola, it behooves summoning medical experts. Instantaneous medical intervention is crucial to enhancing the rate of endurance from the ailment. It is essential to counter suffusion of the virus and infectivity with […]

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  • 11/13/14--22:06: Key Ebola Facts
  • Key facts Ebola Virus Disease/EVD, antecedently regarded to as Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever is a dire, normally deadly ailment in humans. The virus is transmittable from person-to-person and wild animals to humans. Due to the lethal and contagious nature of the virus, community participation is core to ensure outbreaks are contained in time. Feasible Ebola-related epidemic […]

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  • 11/13/14--22:08: How to control Ebola
  • Ebola is a lethal disease that is communicable through humans and various animals, specifically a species of primates and bats. Once the virus contaminates the human body, its incubation time to the start of symptoms takes two to twenty one days. Humans are not contagious until the symptoms have bloomed. Fore symptoms are the erratic […]

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    Bushmeat - Buschfleisch in Ghana

    Ebola virus is a member of a small, recently emerging filoviruses causing diseases that are generally animal diseases that have jumped species.

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    Ebola safety protocols

    We cannot rely on the government to keep Ebola out of our country. Tips on how you can protect yourself and your family from the Ebola virus outbreak.

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    HPV Vaccination of girl

    Here are some answers to common questions about flu shots

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